ExhibitThumb-ThroughMyEyesJuly 16, 2016 – January 16, 2017

Considered the art of everyday people, folk art is rooted in tradition, memories and experiences. Nellie Ashford: Through My Eyes features thirty newly crafted mixed-media works by renowned self-taught artist Nellie Ashford.


Charlotte native, Nellie Ashford is a self-proclaimed folk artist whose work expresses cultural identity, shared community values and aesthetics. Inspired by the life that surrounds her and memories of her past, Ashford’s work incorporates a mix of materials that often reflect real-life experiences and depicts families, children, dancers and musicians with vibrant detail and emotion. Each work that she creates has a story to tell. Vintage fabrics cloth images of people who reflect varying ethnic, religious, occupational, age and gender who identities. They identify and complement each other and their world.

Nellie Ashford is represented locally by Foster’s Art Gallery in Huntersville.

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Image credits: Take Nothing For My Journey © Nellie Ashford